Why Choose CANADA?

With our rich history of immigration, Canada is a well-known multicultural country, which respects the contributions and individuality of different cultures. Canada never stops seeking skilled and talented newcomers to support the development of the Canadian economy. Canada is home to many immigrants from all over the world.

Today, Canada still attracts many newcomers because of our:

  • natural beauty, wide-open spaces, mountains, trees, and lakes
  • free society with fundamental human rights enshrined in a Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • political stability with excellent business opportunities and a strong banking system
  • free trade with United-States and Mexico under NAFTA agreements
  • education system with an excellent international reputation of Canadian Universities
  • excellent healthcare system and generous network of social assistance programs
  • one of the nicest countries in the world with excellent business opportunities

The Canadian government understands the difficulty for newcomers/immigrants to adapt to a new country, to learn new cultures and languages; therefore, the Government of Canada, Provincial Governments, and many public/private community organizations work together to provide assistance in such areas as language training, finding employment, education, finding a place to live and much more. Please click here to view Newcomers assistance site.