Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI-PNP) - Work Permit Stream

To qualify for the Immigrant Partner's component of the PEI-PNP - Work Permit Stream, an applicant:

  • must have a minimum net worth of CAD$600,000 (excludes donations; gifts and private loans)
  • must have previous management experience and/or business ownership experience
  • must have an approved business plan to do business in PEI, either by purchasing or establishing your own business. The business must be operational for 1 year in PEI by using your Work Permit Visa before you received your Nomination Certificate from PEIPNP
  • must be prepared to make a minimum CAD$150,000 investment
  • must speak moderate English or French. Applicants are required to provide Language test result,, and must meet the minimum CLB 4 on each category of reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • must have an honest intention to establish a full time permanent residence in PEI

How to Apply

Net Worth CAD$600,000:

You must provide proof of how you obtained your Net Worth, by providing:

  • Current Bank Certification Letter
  • Evidence of Savings Balance
  • Fixed or term deposit statement
  • Evidence of Public Trade Stock (if applicable)
  • Real Property Assessment
  • Financial Statement of your business to show its value

You must have sufficient unencumbered personal funds to start your business venture without third party assistance and settle in PEI for a minimum of 1 year period.

PEIPNP will not accept donations, gifts, and private loans as part of the CAD$600, 000 Net Worth requirement

Management Experience:

Your management experience could be as a senior executive or business owner. To prove you have a successful management experience, you can provide:

  • Certificates of experience
  • Copies of business licenses
  • Copies of company information such as financial statements
  • Detailed information of company ownership

EOI Assessment Point Form:

Maximum point is 200, there are six areas with associated points:

  1. Age
  2. Language
  3. Education
  4. Business Ownership or Senior Management
  5. Community Endorsement
  6. Adaptability

Business Plan:

You are required to purchase an extisting business or establish your own business in PEI . You need to

  • pursue a business that matches with your business skills/background
  • participate in the business in an active managerial role

You need to submit a business plan that must be approved by the PEI-PNP officials.

To help you to understand the business environment of PEI , an exploratory visit in PEI is required.

Community Endorsement:

You are required to make a trip to PEI to attend Community(ies) meeting(s) in order to obtain your Community Endorsement letter from the chosen community that you wish to settle and open your business.

Exploratory Visit and Preliminary Interview:

After you received your Invitation to Apply is issued and your application is submitted, if PEIPNP approved your application, they will invite you to attend a preliminary interview with officials from Immigration Services of PEI. You must make a 5-day exploratory visit to PEI, during the visit Canadian International will assist you to:

  • Explore PEI business environment
  • Meet economic development agencies
  • Explore housing, education and community facilities for your family


Must provide a valid Language test result(obtained within the last 2 years), and must achieve minimum of CLB 4 in each category of reading, writing, listening and speaking.