NB PNP Entrepreneurial Stream Application Process:

  • Make Connection to New Brunswick, applicant could either do one of the following:

a) attended in an NBPNP promotional event organized by NBPNP
b) visited NB for at least 5 business days within 1 year of submitting an application
c) applicant, or spouse/common-law has at least 1 year of post-secondary education
d) applicant, or spouse/common-law has worked in NB for at least 1 year
e) applicant, or spouse/common-law have family residing in NB for at least 1 year. The family member must be a permanent resident or citizen of Canada

  • Submit Expression of Interest form (EOI)
  • If NBPNP accepted your EOI, they will issue Invitation To Apply (ITA)
  • 20-day from the ITA issued date to submit their Net Worth Verification application package to NW Versifier. NW Verification report will be submitted to NBPNP government within 90-day by NW Versifier
  • 90-day from the ITA issued date to submit their PNP Full Application package to NBPNP
  • NBPNP may require an interview with an applicant either via internet (SKYPE) or in Person
  • If NW verification report and Full Application approved by NBPNP, escrow request will be issued
  • Nomination certificate will be issued
  •  Per Federal Government guide, and the application package will be submitted to Case Processing Centre in Sydney Nova Scotia
  • If there are no criminal, security or medical problems, the permanent resident visa will be issued