Why Choose Canadian International?

Choosing Canadian International is your best gateway for immigration because of our........

Strong Professional Approach
Canadian International has a team of highly qualified Canadian professionals. The owners of the company are Canadian lawyers and chartered accountants. This professional approach permits us to:

  • Develop innovative programs that meet our customers' objectives while satisfying all Canadian Government regulations
  • Actively assist our customers in having their application processed by Canadian Immigration Officers properly and in a timely manner

A Wealth of Experience
We have been in business for over 25 years. In that time, we have learned a great deal.

  • We understand the local business environment in Canada
  • We know the immigration laws and the thinking of government immigration officials
  • We understand international business
  • We understand the importance of meeting the objectives of our customers
  • We provide safe, efficient and fast immigration to Canada with no surprises

Our approach of dealing honestly and fairly with customers has allowed us to be successful over the long term.

Safe and Secure Investment
Canadian International has achieved its perfect repayment record of paying back all immigrant investors on time and in full through very safe and secured investment structures. Depending on the type of program you choose, we maximize the security of your investment in different ways.

Services and Support
Canadian International is proud to provide excellent services to each customer. Some of the services are:

  • Arranging for placement of investment funds with eligible companies and taking the necessary measures to secure each investment (where applicable)
  • Assisting customers to prepare for interviews with government officials
  • Providing legal and immigration advice to assist with the application procedure
  • For Provincial Nominee Programs, arranging tours and providing introductions to local businesses during the customer's exploratory visit to the province

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Success Rate
Our success rate in assisting our customers to obtain their Visa is high because:

  • We carefully analyze each customer's case
  • We explore different possibilities to improve our customers' chances of success in the immigration process
  • We help our customers to resolve any problems that may arise during the immigration process

Canadian International's goal is to maximize the efficiency, security and chances of success of your immigration process!!